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‘Living In These Times’

‘The trees blew freely that quiet evening. The sun faded behind as another day is completed, getting ready for sun down. Feeling like something is missing. The day passes without any explanation. Our free will is a blessing, our purpose is there but some leave it in the shadows. Sometimes there’s wishes where so many want what they want right away but doesn’t realized that life doesn’t work that way. Society is blinded by what life is really supposed to be about, as they use their own understanding of why they’re here. The movement passes on, going the wrong direction. Material things becomes the main focus. So many are even blinded by what true beauty is. So many kingdoms in the world gives a bad meaning to so many, so those bad teachings spread all around, making the world crumble and crumble. The false prophesies control so many, tricking so many, making society confused as they fall hard into their traps. So many emotions everyday, all types of different emotions, we all felt and still is feeling. There’s joy in certain parts of the world, at the same time, in other parts, there’s hurt, pain, tragic, sadness. The beautiful white birds flew all around the sky, above the mountains, giving hope. Many witnesses seen such beautiful moments. One guy stood on a mountain top, very inspired by the beauty that surrounded him. “Lets make a difference,” he said to him self. “Lets get rid of the false info and all the bad things that the enemy put in so many minds, and lets spread god word to many.” Across the other side of the globe, a bus driver looks at the guy on the bus, preaching the good news. The bus driver told him, “Young man, Patients is the key and hope.” “It’s a tough world out there but there’s hope.” “When you pray, it’s already given to you, it’s gods timing.” “You have a purpose.” The young man felt a peace as he started out his day, inspired by those words, he inspiring others. In India, A lady became a surrogate mom, giving birth ten times, bringing joy to ten families. Each family have a bundle of joy. Her prayers every night that all ten babies grow up to be a disciple for god, changing the world. Her compassion in her heart blossom fully, having hope, enjoying giving back to many families. In Africa so many kids needed food and shelter. A church from the United states, gave them all food and shelter. Many people around the world is in the hospital dying from cancer, some are heal but some lost the battle. Our prayers to everyone that we lost, that they all rest in peace. A preacher is praying hard, with faith is in his heart, everyone in the church also prayed. Many voices are lifted to the sky, miracles then spread all across the world, cause of the power of prayer. In Washington DC, The red white and blue strips on the flag, stood tall and strong. Everyone honored all our brave soldiers for fighting for our country. Their compassion inspired so many around the world. In Saint Louis a church gave white daisies to each mom, honoring them for Mothers Day. Each mom smiled and their smiles and joy inspired many around them. Back in Mississippi, a little boy sat on the porch with his grand dad, as they both stared at the sunrise over the mountains. “Grand dad, it’s a big world out there, it’s spreads out very far on each side.” Grand dad looked at him in the eyes and said. “Yes it is, but at the same time, It’s a beautiful world out there and also not such a great world out there.” “We all have free will, God wants us to go on the right path but it’s up to us all, to follow that purpose for our life.” “Some chooses the bad path.” “Son don’t live in fear, always keep hope and faith, keep your head up, follow god purpose for your life.” “It’s not your understanding, it’s god understanding.” “It’s ok to have dreams and goals but just remember it’s not all about that, but through all that, it’s more about giving back to the world, being a disciple for god.” “When you go to college, going for that career, getting your self prepared on that path, on the way to your dream, give back along the way, focus on the people.” “You are going to have challenges along way son, but always remember to keep god first, seek the kingdom of God first and everything else shall come.” The son looked at the sunrise as he listened to grand dad. “Grand dad, why do bad things happen?” Grand dad stared out into the distance at the fully blown sunrise. “Well son, there’s certain things that happen for a reason, that only god know why.” “Plus god said that this world isn’t going to be perfect, we are in a battle with the darkness, the light versus the darkness.” “People choose which way they want to go.” “Heaven is a perfect place, there is life after this one.” “Don’t let the bad things of this world discourage you, keep your relationship with god, keep hope and faith.” “Pray always, give thanks to god everyday.” “Pray that god cleansed you, that he continue to guide you and make you get better and better as a human being.” “Pray for everyone.” “Ask for forgiveness everyday, be grateful for all your blessings.” “Always pray that God guides you to that purpose, leading you to change the world for the better.” “We all should pray those prayers everyday, I do son.” Grand dad and his son looked at each other. “I love you grand dad, thanks for the great words of wisdom and knowledge, I’m going to add this to my life.” “God worked through you and us all, now I can inspire others, just like god inspired you and me.” Grand dad looked at him and said, “I love you to, son you’re on the right track.” “We are living in these times now. “For centuries, history repeated it self, we are still living in those times, yes sir, yes…” Grand dad hugged him, as they both looked at the Sunrise. The sky glittered with hope and love. Yes there’s going to be some stormy days but somewhere in these times, there’s joy and peace some where around the world. Those who are living in bad times now, things will get better, they will have peace soon also and joy. We all are in these times together. God is with us all, in these times always.’