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            ‘The Gate Of Hearts’

‘The wind blew so hard…. that lonely night. My heart was beginning to open the gates, letting your words of hope, love in. The thunderstorm crashed the winds very HARD… with FORCE… The rain drops came down over the gates in my heart. The emotions took over my flesh, the tears roll down slowly as I broke down. The gates closed very… very.. slowly… Wondering if I’m going crazy, Is this real? The gates are now totally closed. The gates are now totally locked. My heart is still broken from the pain that’s left from the scar that bruised very hard. Hope left, trust left, My eyes became blind at that moment, all I can see in my surroundings is hurt. I became my worst enemy, then I ran away into my own world of disappearing. Praying hard to lift me up with strength, getting me back into the spirit.’ 

‘A white beautiful flash opened my eyes, surrounded the gates of my heart. I can see hope, I can see the brightness in the future, so… beautiful. The sun rose that morning, a new beginning. God had it all planned out way before we were ever created. A positive solution came, to follow the path, the right way. Don’t put the less important first, focus on the more importance first and all shall come. Through all that, love will always be. Broken hearts flows all over the world but they will always get healed, Some take time. Some hide behind the gates for years and months, cause of the pain that was caused and from built up bitterness. We become wiser and better from the many broken hearts. Many hearts wants to open those gates again, that bright light will always be there in each and everyone, but it’s up to all to shine that gift and how each shines it. Don’t let anything get in the way. The thunderstorm has cleared. I see the gates so clearly.. So clearly… two angels sitting there with smiles, watching over all in each heart, surrounding each and every soul, no matter how many hearts been broken. The Gates will always be open, for the broken hearts to get heal and be free….Let it flow, follow the light, be free, the pain that was caused is now dust, behind. Look forward, the gates are open always, if you let it. Keep hope always, no matter how many times your heart gets broken. We are now free from the pain. Peace always comes around.’