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    ‘The Blood Of The Covenant’

The Storm came down hard…. against each will. The trees couldn’t bear fruit. Each leaf soaked in water, drowning its sorrows, letting out the pain of feeling lost. The Mountains never moved, they stayed still but goals of many could never be reached cause of no faith. Mother Nature cried out loud for her precious ones but her voice didn’t get the land attention. The seeds of red roses that were in the soil, had water but no light. The spirits of babies flew all around the land of hope but doors rejected them, wouldn’t open. So many in a small town didn’t know the young souls existed, they felt invisible. The parents never knew how special their babies was but only when they was born. As the babies gotten older, the parents never knew the dreams their kids had, their calling for this life. The kids try shouting out but still no one can hear their angelic voices. When the babies was born, The red roses on the acre wide land, bloomed. The bloom red roses gathered together in a circle, making a beautiful head crown to fit the babies head but the thorns kept them away. The mothers went on to the fields of crops to pick their veggies but  the red roses on the bushes was a distraction. They wasn’t sure who grew the red roses or where they came from but the happiness on their faces, shown how proud they was. As they try to pick the Red roses from the bushes, the thorns on the bushes cut their fingers. The mothers looked at their fingers with sadness and pain, as the red blood came down their fingers, the pure red blood gave a meaning and a memory of their bundle of joys, from when they gave birth to their children. One mom looked up at the cloudy sky and said “Is this a sign?” Her child ran out the house yelling, “MOM!!” Both looking at each other for a while, having a moment, as tears ran down their faces. The child looked at the blood running down his mom finger. At that moment the mom eyes opened as she can now see clearly through her child soul. She looked up at the sky, as the sun shined through the cloudy sky, through the clouds. The baby angels flew onto the land, flying with joy and freedom. The moms all came out their houses, as they all said, “GLORY….GLORY..” Looking at their children with more love. One child looked at their mom and said, “Mom, me and all the kids in this small town, planted the red roses in the garden, on this huge acre land, so it can give color and a meaning, joy and it’s the color of gods blood.” “We all are in him as one body, We all are one and deserve to have a voice to make a difference, just like God made a difference and gave up his son Jesus to die for our sins.” “Mom the mountains is so far away.” “I try to run and run, I think I’m closer to them the more I run to them but the mountains are so far away still.” ” I feel that this town is far from reality, we need help.” “Son, I see clearly, the more you run to the mountains, the closer you are to them.” “It may take to long to get over that hill to them but no matter how long it takes, you will get to the mountains.” “So if you take the steps to getting to that calling of your life, that purpose, yes it may take work but it does pay off at the end, you will get there my son and I will be there to help you and support you.” “It’s so sad how many people and their children that died centuries ago, from all the pain that came to this town.” “I’m so sorry that I never pay attention to you all along son.” All the kids hugged their mom, looking up at the sunny sky. Their prayers came together to the heavens as the baby angels looked down with a smile. The town became more better, the kids dreamed big. All the wars stopped, no more killings, no more bombings, the town cleaned up nicely. Newer houses was built, more schools, Grocery stores, more fun activities, more churches was built. The town became loved and happy. The babies grew to have a nice child hood and are so loved. Now each baby spirit and the families that was lost centuries ago in the war can now rest in peace, knowing that this town is at peace. The red roses filled the huge acre land, as different colors joined them, the white and yellow daisies, pink and purple roses. They all bloomed with freedom, as the thorns left them. Years later, One child of the town was now grown in college. He remember years back when he looked at his mom face that stormy day, when he ran outside calling his mom, seeing red blood on her finger from the Red rose thorn-bush. He arrives at his mom house to surprised her from college. He went into the house, seeing his mom in the back yard, In the big acre field picking veggies. The red rose-bush is still there after all these years, looking healthy, much fuller and taller, and the red roses are fuller and bloomed.  He ran out the house, “MOM!!” She turns around, looking at her now grown tall son, as memories came to her from when he was a baby and how happy she was to bring him in this world. She still feel happy always and see  through his beautiful soul.  She looked at her healed finger, then  turn to look at the red rose-bush. Her son  went over to the red rose-bush, to pick off a rose for her. “Be careful son of the thorns.” He picked a red rose as he looked shock, very shocking to know that the thorns wasn’t there anymore. “Mom, no thorns are on the rose bushes anymore. They both looked shock. “Mom this is for u.” he gives his mom a red rose. They both looked at each other having a moment, as they both teared up. “Wow how big you gotten, you are all grown up son, I missed you so much.” He looked at her and said,”I miss you to mom.” As they both walked back to the house from their long acre grassy field and garden, they talked and talked. “Hows college son?” “It’s great mom.” “You met any girls?’ “MOM..!!!” “Mom I miss your cooking.” “More than you miss me?” “Ha ha just joking son.” “I got pie in the oven, chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans.” “Wow mom, my favorite.” “Oh mom and you now finally got your red rose.”  As their back is now turned, walking into the house talking. The moms and babies spirits surrounded the red rose-bush, flying around in a circle holding hands, smiling. The red rose crown fitted all the babies spirits head from that town, making the town ritual complete. The baby spirits flew around with the red rose crown around their heads smiling. Everyone is now at peace, they all flew, into the light in the sky above this town, smiling from above.’