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‘My memory became blurry on the journey, from an infant to my first steps as a child. The beautiful white clouds above, So far up…So free.. So sure…My shyness from a young age put a wall up, that world kept me safe but I was invisible to so many. The outside judged, I was misunderstood. Couldn’t stand my ground, couldn’t speak up, The words stayed so far in my soul as fear took over. I was loved but felt invisible. God knowledge and wisdom that was instilled in me, stayed with me always, building me up more and more. I remember in Virginia, looking out the window at the woods, full of tall trees. Always wonder, What is behind all those tall trees, where does it end? The older I got, I became more wiser. Started to know myself and became more confident. Everyone accepted me and respected me more but I still felt invisible. Many experiences in my life taught me so much. Many people I met taught me so much. I realized as I got older and went into the real world on my own, that I inspired so many from the godly light that’s within. Wisdom guided me through life and knowledge gave me understanding, making me wiser. My heart been broken many times, sometimes things never got settled but I always gotten back up stronger. I felt invisible, putting my wall up became my escape.  I’m older now, standing on this tall mountain, striving more and more, learning more and more.  I learn that I’m in this world for a purpose, to change the world for the better, inspiring and giving back. Still trying to move up on this spiritual journey. I still love cloudy raining days, looking out the  window at the rain drops, feeling so relaxed and free. I’m a man that’s no longer invisible but I will always have that shy little boy within me, that dreamed big in his own little world. Going into his escaped, he is invisible, I’m invisible.’