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‘Her Angel Wings’

‘Far away over the mountains, the sky looked so magical. A bright peach color light, shining so… bright over the sea. Mermaids swim in a peaceful motion, humming a spiritual tune. The sound…. so…. refreshing …so.. relaxing….like the sound of angels humming a tune.’


‘The fog covered the mountains far away on that cloudy day. Very quiet…No sound…. As the babies laid to rest their souls, their spirits smile upon the town in peace. Each mom dress in all black, as their heart carry bitterness and guilt. Looking down at their baby graves cause more pain, thinking about how cancer took them away. Each woman blew a kiss to heaven at their bundle of joy that was no longer with them but in spirit.’

‘Each female wanted to escaped this small town, In their quiet world of minds thinking alike, they dominated. The aggression from man with dark roses, sent them in a distraction that pass on through generations. A Light shined from heaven that brought joy in their misery. Each woman had their babies in water, a spiritual birth. Each baby being lift from it’s mom womb from under water to breathing the world air, as the preacher prayed, baptizing each new-born. Each female tears roll down their faces, knowing her husband left her, as she gave birth to her bundle of joy. She created a world so far from reality, as she day dreamed into her own fantasy. All females only existed in this world. Mother Nature said “Welcome… Come my dears.” The mermaids poke their heads above the pure blue clear water. Swimming around the sea and above. They all go under the sea, seeing  all types of different color fishes brought in unity. The water felt so warm and comfortable, So…freeing…so..pure…’

‘One female back at the small town, day dreamed, as she thought about her miscarriage. Her mind brought her to her own world. In her dream she seen the beautiful heavens above. The beautiful baby angels held hands in a circle together around this bright light, one of those angels was her baby. Her baby waved at her, and she waved back. The adult angels welcome her into the gates of heaven, God greeted her and held her in his arms. “Child you’re going to be fine, your bundle of joy is your guardian angel, we all are looking over you and everyone else in your town and around the world.””Go spread the word to all your fellow people, teach them real reality and how to accept what ever happen.” “You all come together and make a difference, I will work through you all to see the light at the end of the tunnel my love.” God said. She woke up from her dream with tears of joy. She jumped out her bed and ran over to her next door neighbor house, knocking on the door hard but that next door neighbor was in a day dreamed in her own world.’

‘The mermaids develop wings, as the huge waves of the sea made a huge noise that shook the earth. The next door neighbor got scared as the mermaids in her mind screamed… “HELP….”HELP…. ” As they start to drowned in the sea from the huge waves. The mermaids escaped as their wings helped them fly far from the storm. The strong winds stopped as the light from above came through the cloudy dark sky.’

‘The next door neighbor kept staring at the wall in a deep day-dream, as tears went down her eyes, she realized someone was knocking on the door. She came back to reality and jumped out her chair and ran to the door. She opened it and both of the female neighbors hugged each other tight as they cried. One of the females said, “It’s going to be ok…” “The angels is watching over us all and our father in heaven is watching, The curse is broken now.”

‘A few years later, early that morning, The sun rise was so bright over the small town.The mountains from a far away distance was so.. clear..  All the families came together. Each female let bitterness go and came close again with their husbands and children. White daisies bloomed all over the garden by each baby grave. Each female can see clearly as the blocked no longer kept them captive in their own imagination. Rose the mayor , brought all the people in the small town together to meet in the grave yard, to honor them for their voice and work in the town. Also to have a prayer service for all the babies that they lost over the years in the town. “The reason I wanted you all here today at this beautiful grave yard, is to honor our females for their work on helping clean up this town.””We have many new schools for our children now in this town and a new college that just got built.””We also have many counseling places now for females that been abuse and that had miscarriages.””We are also working with cancer patients to.” “So many of our babies also died from cancer and so we also want to pray that our babies are resting in peace till this day.” “I want to share this story of a dream I had.” “I had a dream a few years ago.””I went up to heaven, the angels greeted me as they open up the gates.” “My baby that I miscarried, was up heaven holding hands in a circle with the other angels around this huge beautiful light.””God hugged me so tight, I felt that fatherly love spirit on me after that till this day.””I know my son has a father watching over him up there, just like we all have a father.””My son is my guardian angel.””God wanted me to spread the word to many females out there that lost a child or miscarried,  even those that been abuse.””I knew he had a calling for my life and every life.””Not all guys are bad at all, I see all the beautiful man sitting next to their beautiful wives today, that’s still going strong and that treats their spouses with love.””There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and from our experiences and passions, god works through each of us to help the world to be a better place.””We all can come together man and woman, boy and female to make a difference in unity,” Rose said as everyone clapped. Rose looked proud as she said, “Thank you, I want to bring my next door neighbor and best friend up here to speak.””This is my good friend Pearl.”  Pearl stood in front of everyone. “Hi everyone, I know some of the females that’s sitting here today lost a child, and that child grave is right here in this yard.” “I lost a child also and that child is buried here also.””I was also a victim of abuse.” “My husband will come home drunk and call me names.”” I stared and stared at the wall in my own quiet place.””I wanted to escaped into my own world, where there was just me and all the females, and our babies.” “My heart suffered but that cloudy day, as I heard the knocks at my door, I was so deep into my own world.” “The knocks was so loud that I got afraid, I couldn’t move, cause of my fears.””The waves came upon me, so hard that I couldn’t safe myself but I knew I will develop wings.””The mermaids kept yelling out, HELP…” HELP…” “but at the end of the tunnel there was an angel name Rose and she is here beside me today.””I finally had the strength to own my happiness from the father above.” “I got out my marriage safely, in a divorce.””He said sorry and got help, we are now the best of friends.””I’m now married to a wonderful man that treats me with love.” “I’m pregnant now with a another child.””I know this child is a gift from god.””Everyone lets bless on all these graves, lets pray over our children and honor our father in heaven for his greatness and love.” Everyone started praying as the angels in spirits flew all around the grave yard and the small town.  Pearl looked at Rose, “Thank you my sister for saving me and making this town better,” Pearl said.  Rose smiled at Pearl as they both left the crowd and started walking around the grave yard. “So Pearl, Do u still day dreamed in your own imaginary world?”  Pearl became silence for a while. “Well…. I do but I know it’s not true reality but it’s more true reality verses real reality, it’s an art piece in  my mind.” Rose looked at the sky and then at Pearl. “So did the mermaids ever get help?” Rose said. “Yes they did, we all did get help and I’m so happy, I know that those we lost, they’re looking down in peace, smiling on us all.””They all are with their families up there.” “I can see clearly, the moms are flying around heavens and the children all are holding hands around the light.””Our father is smiling, our creator.” Pearl looked at Rose, they both smiled at each other. “I love you sister.””I love you to sister.””Thanks for inspiring me,” Pearl said.”Thanks for inspiring me and those we lost and other up and coming females.” Rose smile and said, “You inspire me to.””Lets continue to make a difference.” Pearl and Rose walked the grave yard, with a smile as the light shined bright from above and a peace came so clearly. The white daisies shined all over the grave yard. “We are now flying, up top of the world from all we have overcome.”

‘The mermaids swim around the sea in a peaceful mind, the water stayed pure and still. The different color fishes came together in unity with the mermaids. The heavens shined down on the lands, the angles held hands. The children played, laughing loud so freely…. One child looked at his mom with a smile, as she song a familiar hymn.’