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‘The birds flew with grace… and beauty… Mixing with society in such a big world, just like the beautiful Butter-flies flew out of their cocoon so freely into freedom. Coming together with nature, as their vulnerability open wide. Open arms welcomes love but the door then slammed so hard. Their wall is their protection, from being hurt, is their fear. They don’t want to be the victim. The spirit within them looks out of their own body, looking at them selves, making sure they loved others from a compassionate heart. They stared down at the world from above,  Human nature stared from below. Looking at the inspiration, they’re keeping hope alive, believing they can fly to. The distractions of the world wasn’t going to become a reality in the little girls mind, as she stared into the future of hope, the news and her surroundings became dark. The older woman in a country far away,  sitting on her patio, she can see through the little girls eyes and many others from previous generations, as she look at the light in the sky. She lived and learned, that hope, that there’s always a light at the end of that tunnel. One person spread the good news, others get inspired and continue to follow the movement of spreading the good news, passing it along to others. Doing gods will, making the world a better place. Confusion always fly around our nation, like the strong winds of a tornado but we have prayer, we have the love of god and Jesus to get us through the battles. All around every surrounding, there is inspiration.  The trees stood so tall with great posture, no matter how much abused they suffered, they always kept growing so tall, touching the sky. The animals search for that love and longing, just like every human search for that true happiness, that purpose, that calling, that destiny. We all hope, we all want, no matter how much money we have. Your spirituality, something higher than ourselves is way more important than material things. “I want to find my better self, that true happiness, that purpose” The son said to his mom. She looked within him as she starts to tear up from happiness. She then says ” Just water that seed within that god planted in you,” “That seed will then blossom and guide you on a path to your destiny.” “Seek the kingdom of God first and everything else shall come.” ‘You are going to also change the world for the better.” “You will fly.” All around the world, so many are praying, so many are inspiring others, passing on the love, shining their light. Far over the big hills, far into the distance, over the high mountains, Three angels flew all around the clouds singing a joyful Gospel tune. The sun shined so bright in the sky for all to see. One guy looked outside his living room window at the bright sun light in the sky. The beauty of his smile from within, he has hope and inspiration, saying, “I want to fly.”