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“Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” His soft voice gently touches her heart as he gently held her hand, guiding her through the Jazzy club, to the ballroom floor.  She looks deeply into his eyes, Seeing the snow falling from the heavens, like the angels singing on a day of celebrating. Everyday is a celebration of life. “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes sir!” You may have this dance,” She said. They both stared into each other eyes, as they’re shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, hand to hand, Both of them went into a ‘deep… ’emotional…. ‘compassionate… connection, getting lost into their freedom.’

‘A small town little boy, ran across the village in Paris. He stares at the clouds in the sky. Loving the way each cloud compliment each other side by side, Their freedom of being free in the sky over the world. From the little boy perspective, he wanted that same freedom, to dream and just dance in the middle of the village freely.  That day the little boy looked at the clouds that morning, and started to ballet dance in the middle of the street, then all of a sudden a loud voice says “WATCH OUT!!!” as a big explosion broke out in the town. The man from another town was at war. The little boy and his family, also other families all escaped. They all headed west on a boat, leaving everything else behind. All they had was, themselves and each other. Their freedom was their escaped into a new chapter. The little boy mom held him in her arms saying, “Everything is going to be ok.” His eyes looked up at the clouds above the water with hope. “Mom I want to dance when I grow up,” the little boy said. His eyes closed shut, falling to sleep in his mom arms.’

‘The best was to come. The light at the end of the tunnel gave hope, that some one else also had the same dreams and aspirations to change the world through gods calling for their life. A little girl from Europe always enjoyed looking at the very tall Eiffel Towers in Paris. “Mom.. if I climbed up these towers, would it take me to heaven in the clouds?” The little girl said. Her mom looked at her and smiled. The little girl walked with her mom on the town, checking out some shops. Before they could step into the shop, a loud cheering noise came from up the street at the dance theater. On a ballroom stage in the theater, a lady and guy danced so freely, doing ballet. The little girl ran to the theater and watched from outside, through the open doors. Her eyes opened wide. “I want to be a dancer when I get older,” She said to herself.’

‘Many years later, In high school, the little girl was now closed to being a teen. Her mom got her into dance ballet classes. The teacher looked at the girl and said “You truly caught on so well, you are a very talented dancer.” “Now it’s time for you to meet a very talented gentleman that is going to be your dance partner.” “You both will be competing in the competition together.” The young man walked in the class. He looks out the window at the clouds and then smiles. He walks over to the young lady, they both stared deeply into each other eyes. “Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” He said. She looks at him and said “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes Sir!” You may have this dance.” “By the way sir, what is your name?” He looks at her and said “I’m Noah.”  “Madam what is your name?” She looks at him and said “I’m Ambella.” Noah had ‘White Daisies’ in his hand. “Ambella these are for you,” Noah said. Ambella had tears of joy. “Merci Beaucoup” ( Thank you very much), “No one ever did anything like this for me before,” Ambella said.  Noah started blushing. “Maybe after class, we can go walking all over Paris and eat lots of cheese and bread,” Noah said. “Oh can’t forget the grape juice, and.. oh.. the Eiffel Towers to,” Ambella said. They both started to giggle. “We can also look at the clouds together and dance in the street,” Noah said. Ambella got so lost in his eyes. “You do know that we have to ask our parents, I just hope my mom don’t get mad cause I have a boyfriend now,” Ambella said. An ark-ward silence came between them. “Oops I mean, I mean, like a friend but a friend that is a boy.” Noah started blushing. “Ok, I get it.” “I actually will love to be your boyfriend, I mean BOY-FRIEND!!” The whole class looked at Ambella and Noah. “This is so embarrassing,” Noah said. “Ok two love birds, enough chatter, lets see you both dance,” The ballet teacher said. “Ok everyone get in your spots with your partners, and lets start the first number of the show, it’s all in your eyes.” Noah and Ambella stared at each other eyes, getting lost. Heaven is real, way beyond the clouds the two angels flew so freely into their own. Success came so big as they both always stayed connected to each other through the freedom of dance. The light from above shines on them, as they both spread that light and inspiration to others. Changing the world for the better.’ Even as years passes, they became further apart but their hearts and love was always connected within.’

‘They both opened up their eyes, as their ballroom dance ended, their was a loud cheering sound as everyone clapped their hands in the Jazz club. Wow.. what just happened?” He said. She looked at him in the eyes. “It’s like we both traveled back in time and got lost in the dance,” She said. “The art of dance, we actually got to know each other again through the freedom of dance,” He said. “Hold on, did you just say again?” You ask me for this dance, we just met,” Ambella said. They both looked at each other for a while. He start to blush. “WAIT!!!” They both said at the same time. “AMBELLA..!!!” NOAH IS THAT YOU?”  “I …I.. You go first.” “No you go first.” “Ambella I know that we lost in touch for awhile and after high school we both went our separated ways  but we both had successful dance careers.” “I never forgot about you Ambella, till this day I still do think about you.” “Noah, I always knew through faith that you will step back into my life one day, I knew that when you came back, that your first words will be “Bonjour, May I have this dance Madam.” “Ambella, I had to search and see what the world had to offer me but now I know I don’t have to search anymore, cause you always been the one for me all along, right in front of me always.” “I never met to hurt you Ambella, I’m so sorry.” “Noah don’t be sorry, I always waited in faith.” “I prayed that god will guide you to me.” Noah grabbed Ambella hand, leading the way out the Jazz club before sun down. “I have a surprised for you, Noah said as he took a black scarf out his pocket and tied it around Ambella face, over her eyes. They both slowly walked up the streets of Paris together, Noah led the way. “Careful Ambella.” “Are we almost there?” Ambella said. “Yes Madam.” Noah and Ambella stopped at the surprised location. Noah took the blind fold off Ambella eyes. Ambella opened up her eyes, in front of her stood the tall Eiffel Towers. Also a candle light table by it, with flowers, grape wine, cheese, bread, and A steak dinner. Noah smiled, looking up at the fully clouds and sunset. Ambella was so happy as tears came from her eyes. Noah picked up the flowers from the table, and said, ” These are for you.” Ambella looked at the ‘White Daisies’, ” Je vous remercie de tout coeur’ (I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “Yes someone has done this for me years ago, a boyfriend or BOY-FRIEND!” that always blushed,” Ambella said. I bet that boyfriend with the blushing cheeks never done this before,” Noah said as he got on one knee, he then took out a diamond ring out his pocket, holding Ambella hand. ” Je vous saurais gre’ de (Bien vouloir) ( I would be grateful if you could ( Be so kind as to),” Noah said with a nervous tone. “Darn I’m blushing again.” “Will you marry me Ambella?”  Ambella looked him in the eyes. “Noah, my blushing prince, yes I will marry you.” Noah got up off one knee and put the ring on her finger. They both kiss. A crowd been standing there all along, they started cheering and clapping. Noah and Ambella looked at the crowd as they smiled.  “So we have a lot to tell our folks now,” Ambella said. “Yep, I’m sure your mom is going to be very happy that her daughter is marrying her high school BOY- FRIEND!” “Or boyfriend with the blushing cheeks,” Noah said. “ha ha…” They both laughed. “I have one more surprised my Madam,” Noah said. Noah looked up at the clouds, Ambella then looked up at the clouds and at the sunset. “What do you see, when you stare into the clouds?” Ambella said. “I see freedom, just like when I dance with you, I feel so free, like we both flew around the world together.” “Everything disappears and it’s just you and me in the clouds up heaven.” Ambella smiles. “That’s what I see every time I look into your eyes Noah.”  A group of guys stood right next to the Eiffel Towers and started playing their Erard Harps. “SURPRISED..” Noah said. “Oh my, the music is so comforting and it just so pure, I love this,” Ambella said.  Ambella and Noah both stared into the clouds by the Eiffel Towers as they both slow dance together. The harps filled their ears. Everyone in the area, watched them. Couples being inspired, “Wow.. baby this is so romantic,” One lady said to her husband. A little girl looked at her parents, and said “I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up. “A little boy that was with his family said, “Me to.” “Bonjour, Madam, May I have this dance?” The little girl looked at her parents, “Mom is it ok?” The parents said ” Yes.” “Bonjour’ ,Qui”, Yes Sir! You may have this dance.” The little girl and boy started slow dancing next to Noah and Ambella. Then other couples surrounded the Eiffel Towers as they all slowed dance. Ambella and Noah looked at the kids and all the couples dancing around them. ” look at the joy we spread, take it all in, we truly brought these amazing people together,” Noah said. “I know, it’s amazing how god works through us and many, through each calling, there’s that freedom, that path that takes us to that place and everyone else becomes free to,” Ambella  said. “Yes baby, that calling truly does change the world for the better.” “We no longer have to be slaves of all the bad things in the world.” “Things always get better always, no matter how many times the world goes through bad.” Noah said.  Noah and Ambella looked at the two kids slow dancing next to them. “That’s us, when we was young, always full of big dreams,” Ambella said. Noah start blushing. “Why are you blushing dear?” What is on your mind?” Ambella said. “Do you want kids soon?” Noah said. “I do but I want two girls only,” Ambella said. “Wait, why two girls?” Maybe a boy and a girl, they can become ballet dancers like us, you know like the family tree.” “We are the first ballet dancers in the family and so we can passed the torch on,” Noah said. “Wait, what about an artist or doctor or nurse?” Ambella said. “Well you first haven’t answered my question of why you just want two girls only Mrs. Ambella Madam.”  “We’ll Noah, you act like we are actually having a baby now, and plus it’s their choice of what career they want but mostly the importance is that they follow god calling for their life.” “That’s truly what I want to instill in them mostly.” Ambella and Noah looked at each other and started laughing. “We are so immature.” “Well welcome to marry life, this is how couples act but I’m going to enjoy every bit of it with you forever.” “I also can’t wait until we both are old together, ” Ambella said. “Wait, two girls my Madam, you have to put a boy in there.” “Ok babe, maybe two boys and two girls,” Ambella and Noah kept going on and on, smiling at each other and slow danced the evening away. All the couples and families, and kids danced by the Eiffel towers as the harps kept playing.  Noah and Ambella stared up at the clouds above the Eiffel Towers, slow dancing together in freedom. Connected hand to hand, as their eyes met deeply together, heavenly, eternity forever. ‘

‘Liberte’ De’ Danse’