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‘The Twins of the Eclipse,’ came together in a lost era. Looking in each other eyes, they seen the connection before birth. Their light took them on a journey as they both came together in Unity. The Earth rotated as the stars passes from day to-night. The Moon blossomed all around the globe. The clouds gave a welcome. The light moved all around the earth, going back and forth, from day to night. The twins witness this beautiful journey of their Solar System family, coming together in Unity. Mars rotated around the earth with love, Mercury rotated around the earth with gratitude, Jupiter rotated around the earth with compassion, Saturn rotated around the earth with kindness, Neptune rotated around the earth with positivity. The Milky Way rotated around the earth with humor, telling the twins “I’m the uncle Milky Way, from your parent’s side of the Eclipse.” “Milk sounds good right now, with Chocolate Chip cookies.” The Solar Eclipse Twins laughed, as they kept rotating the earth, all together with joy. The earth kept going from day to night. All of a sudden, A very bright light came upon the earth, so bright, that the light hurted the twins eyes. They covered their eyes, as they felt themselves falling far.. far… on to earth. Uranus, Pluto, and Venus guided them on this journey to their purpose. The Twins fell on a high mountain, their eyes still close. The night stood still, as the moon watched over all, with its light. The stars in the sky joined the moon in the nightly sky. They all held hands, making a circle in the nightly sky, making wishes for all the best to come. The twins fell a sleep on the highest mountain.’

‘Hours later, The Twins eyes opened slowly, wondering where are they. Looking around, noticing they’re on top of a mountain. They looked up, at the big sky above them, looking very shocked at the night and day combined. Part of the sky is day, with the sun and clouds. The other side is night, with the moon and stars. All the Planet Solar Eclipse came together in Unity. Mother Nature smiled on the twins. The twins held hands on top of the high mountain, staring together at all their planet Eclipse family. A bright light from the sky, came between the day and night, separating the day from night. That light was so… bright… that the twins closed their eyes as they both held hands tight. The twins kept moving farther and farther back from the cliff of the mountain, still closing their eyes from the bright light. They fell from the high mountain, into the water fall, at the bottom of the mountains. Right when the twins hit the deep pure water, as they fell deep into the water, they can see an angel under water with them. The angel guides them to this bright light, coming from a small circle under water. When the angel grabbed their hands, they automatically turn to human infant babies. They all swim to the light under water.’

“Maggie.. push.. Now breath.. Almost… I see the head,” The doctor said to proud parents, Maggie and Dave.  Maggie went into labor this evening. Dave rush to the hospital, by her side, holding her hand. Maggie gave birth to two beautiful twins. A healthy baby boy and girl. The twins eyes sparkle, as the doctor handed the beautiful twins over to Dave and Maggie. “Oh honey, they’re very beautiful,” Maggie said. Dave smiled, “Yes they’re very beautiful.” “Their eyes has that special light.” “I can see they’re going to change the world for the better in unity.” “That truly does bring us and the rest of the family together.” All of a sudden, a big knock at the door. “SURPRISED!!!!” loud voices shouted out. The room was filled with all of Maggie and Dave relatives, grand parents, their parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews. They all brought balloons and flowers. Each of them was filled with joy, welcoming the twins to the family. “Wait, What should we name the twins?” Dave ask. “Apollo and Luna, cause we are fans of the Planet Eclipse,” Maggie said. The room was filled with joy.

‘ The infant twins, Apollo and Luna laid next to each other in the nursery. They looked at each other and wink one eye, they then held hands. Dave stood outside the nursery, looking through the window glass at the twins, with a big smile. The babies, could see the big window outside the nursery, behind Dave, above his head. The sun from outside the window, filled the whole hospital with a bright light. An angel appeared in the sky, next to the sun. The Angel waved at the babies and blew a kiss with his hand. The babies giggle, as they both held hands, enjoying the unity and the connection from the light above, that brought them into the world.’