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‘Alone…in a pitch black silence…
My heart wonders… Going into my
Own… My cover is a shield. My mind is
In a day-dream. My heart breaks from the unloving, the punishment from the distance, the miles from another soul that abandon my soul. I push… With all.. My might… Trying to open that door but it’s stubbornness takes control. The blindness can’t see, that black wall goes up, blocking both souls in separation. That voice within me yells.. Please come back to me.. Please love me.. Please like me.. I wake up to a silence… Alone. The black birds flew all over the sky, spreading their wings so freely. Their inspiration gave me hope, gave me that freedom to let go and know that theirs better to come. My heart misses but I know love will come again. That beautiful light in the nightly sky, shines through, from the moon coming in its own. Through that dark sad place, theirs always a light at the end of that tunnel, hope and peace always comes around again.’