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 Sky’s the limit’
That mountain within my heart, the fear of climbing higher, the fear of getting left. Trapped in the cracks of the earth, feeling stuck in a deep hole. The drive of the many seconds within a minute, how fast time truly does travel, time truly does move so fast. The earth spin in circles, finding that hope in this race. So many pass me by, heading higher to the top of that mountain. Don’t want to judge a cactus for its thorns, for I don’t know what it’s been through, those thorns, it never ask for it. Just like life brings stones, trials, challenges, we never ask for but the world isn’t perfect. Through the pain, the sorrows, the trials, we rise again, peace always comes back. In that quiet space, I seen the beauty of nature That bloom so fearless. Inspirational appears every where, it starts within, we then spread that seed to many. That mountain, truly is a high long road but one day I will walk into that purpose more, through God grace.’ Life is to short to not live fully, staying grateful and inspire.’