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‘A Virtue Of A Treasure’

I open my eyes…The beauty of the pure… Clear water…. Filled my eyes… I’m confused… Don’t know where I’m at, my eyes is blinded by the confusion..fear takes over, like the fear of a Lion roar……
I see lots of waves, still trying to figure out, where I’m at, but enjoying this escape into the unknown. Finally through the waves, my body float into a free space. Under water, it’s a deep pure blue, a deep pure peace. I look down, I noticed part of my body was part mer-man, my fish tail move gracefully, along with my upper body. Fishes of all colors, welcome me, with an godly presence, into unity. They led the way, under water, through the lake. My heart is filled with love, my heart heals, leaving the pain behind. The beauty of the plants, give a meaning of survival. The beauty of the shells, that give tough skin, like the snails that’s fearless. I stared with inspiration, giving hope into a new beginning. I swim above water, popping my head out of water, I see the tall mountains surrounding me and the big lake im in. The clouds is so full… So thick… Like marshmallows. The sun shine down from the clouds, so bright… So full of joy. The blue sky is the same color, just like the water im swimming in. The purity.. The freedom.. The love.. The inspiration… The salvation.. Coming together into a new beginning, bringing me into the new me within.
That purpose…i then become that virtue of a treasure..in helping making the world a better place, more and more..