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Through The Water-fall’
‘The loud sounds of thunder, woke me up that early morning..Fear of facing another deep water fall.. Even though within that Water Fall, I love the way the water, fall..so freely..with grace.. Like an escaped to no where, but no judgement, for they know which road to take, to that path.. Their unknown is their own, for they know through the wisdom they obtain. The water comes from that high mountain, starting from the top, but it’s their bottom, their story. No empathy, the missing piece, they then feel alone in their own. We all have our own story to tell, we all have our heavy rocks to carry, those rocks truly carry us into a weakness but then we become stronger from inspiration of that high mountain. The many waters that came down into the water fall in unity, into a grace, with love, we then have a story, we then can relate, we then get inspired, even if fear does take over, even if we get judge, no matter what, we don’t know what each other are facing personally. Through that Water fall, through each story, we can all connect and we then can relate. That morning, the loud sounds of thunder, woke me up, but I stood more and more with strength, that Water Fall gave more of a positive out look, cause of the wisdom, I gain from the light above, that shine from the beauty of the blue sky, through the joy of the clouds. We then inspire each other,we then help each other, making the world a better place.’