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“Lets fly all Around,” “Lets fly, Spreading love, touching every soul,” his heart spoke. His eyes opened wide, as he dances with grace. Leading every eye into that open door of inspiration. The clouds so..white like snow, thick like cotton, A feeling of a deep presence, truly gives a huge hug of compassion. “Mercy…Mercy,” his heart spoke. Standing with good posture, like a statue. He let go, letting God guide him in love. The sun-light blossoms, eyes opened wide. He jumps high into the sky, kicking his leg up high, doing a ballet turn. He then glides all around, spinning in a slow dance. “Let me give you wings to fly,” his heart spoke. “Flying so freely, high…above into that purpose, that calling,” his heart spoke. “Flying high over the tall mountains, over the heights of fear, so high, that potential, that gift that God truly bless each and everyone with.” “Finding your light within,” his heart spoke. “God truly inspire Jesus, Jesus truly inspire us, We inspire each other,” His heart spoke. “Fly…”His heart spoke, “Fly…”Fly…” His heart spoke. He then dances with passion, with mercy, with grace.. With gentleness. The audience gave a huge cheer as they all stood to their feet, they then clapped. Their hearts so full of joy, inspiration. “Thank you,” he said out loud with joy, his heart spoke.