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Sweet September,’ is a Fiction, Short story.
80 pages. In Paper back $13.00 and Read online in Ebook version for $3.00
Click link to purchased https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DSS7PDX (or if link don’t work( right click and copy, paste in google.

My book is now on Amazon and Kindle. Been trying to promote it. I hope when everyone reads this, it brings joy, meaning, hope, inspiration, humor, happiness and more. Maybe this story will change someone life, who may be mourning a death or something else in the book that may relate to that reader.

Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she was nicknamed ‘Sweet September.’ September is the season of Autumn, Spring, Harvesting. That month, her plants and fruits fully bloomed in her home town of Mississippi. Also doing that month, Susan is always looking forward to the Mississippi Festival. That following…

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