Welcome to JonteTheArtist blog page. This is a blog where everyone can go on and have a great time and post their opinions on here. There’s writings, That’s about Spirituality and everyday life, Blending his arts and creative side with every blog posting. He also speaks from his heart, Telling a story of what he’s feeling on that certain day and life situations that everyone can relate to and been through. Enjoy and have fun. Also checkout his bio at the bottom and his links to his other sites. Checkout some of his arts in the art slide show.


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JonteTheArtist- Bio
 Jon’te Aycox was born in Japan, Tokyo, in 1979. He is African American, Also has a Cherokee Indian background from his mom side of the family.  His Dad was in the military.  Jon’te lived in Las Vegas all his life. Grew up on the Las Vegas NV, Nellis Air Force Base. He started his love for Arts at age nine. His unique out look on the world, nature, humans, creativity, spirituality, reflects in his work.

Writing became later in his life, from certain downs in his life, he found his voice more through his writings and combining his art with his writings. Through his Arts and writings he gives a positive message to the world, in hopes to change a life. Learning the meaning that your dreams are important but the most important thing way beyond our dreams and us, is following the destiny that god always had planned for each life. Everyone has a destiny, that destiny will help change the world for the better, no matter how small the change is, but it can still make a big difference. Through our dreams we change lives, connecting to our destiny that’s way beyond.

Many beautiful different bright colors in JonteTheArtist Art. He loves doing photography to. His writings takes you to a different world, with intense and a very captivating feeling. Each writing has a art piece or a photography pic, that matches his writings, to take you to a different world.

Writing, Creativity, Music, Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Singing, Photography It’s all Art as Jon’te will say.

“Beauty Of Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”                                                                                  



Email- Jonte.Model@yahoo.com


Facebook (like) page-Jon’teThe Artist

Facebook-Jon’te Aycox

Follow me on Instegram- jontetheartist

 Art site- Coming Soon


  1. Jonte,

    I love your blog! I always enjoy reading your positive messages and gazing at your artwork. Most of all, your peaceful spirit relieves me in this hurried and anxious world. Thanks for doing your part in God’s Kingdom. Blessings be to you today and always.

    Dianne Cronan-Fleming

  2. Jonte,

    Your art is as fantastic as you are. You are inspiring and totally awesome! Where did you get the pic of Albuquerque from the top of the tram. I’d love to show it to you in person some day.

  3. Again nice place to visit—oh yea by the way-DIANA ROSS is my all time favorite after seeing her many times…and sang with her in Atlantic city-Reach out and touch somebodys hand…….;-)

    Good luck and see you soon!

  4. donstanek said:

    Your Blog is Quite Wonderful! Your Art is Beautiful, and I believe truly a reflection of the beauty in You!! I hope when I get LV we can say HI and visit.


  5. ccluvs2dance said:

    I love your art and messages; poignant and true…very striking!

  6. Quite Inciteful Sir. in a good way. This stuff can stir emotion in everyone

  7. Jonte’, My friend. Your love for life and compassion for others that you meet along the way shine through in your writings and artwork . You are a true inspiration. Your blog is a wonderful place to visit and I will come here many times I am sure. Your positive energy is like a breath of fresh air or cool drink of water and very soothing. The art and writings that you share here are a true reflection of the awesome individual that you are…Thank you for allowing me inside……. Shine on!

    • Thanks so much my friend. I’m so glad that I met you and Todd, I’m enjoying my stay here. You are special and so much fun to talk to and very positive. Thanks for supporting my blog. 🙂

  8. Jon’te, I just read “The Beginning of a Rocky Journey into Open Eyes.” I enjoyed visualizing your words: the 2 girls, the daisies, forest, fog, and angel. It was pleasant to put myself into this fantasy and it reminded me of the beauty of Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas. Your creativity is outstanding and I admire you for your accomplishments. In recent months I’ve become aware of the godly man that you are and your positive influence on me. Thank you for being you, and for the God-given talent that you have developed over these 25 years.

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