‘The Twins Of The Eclipse’


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‘The Twins of the Eclipse,’ came together in a lost era. Looking in each other eyes, they seen the connection before birth. Their light took them on a journey as they both came together in Unity. The Earth rotated as the stars passes from day to-night. The Moon blossomed all around the globe. The clouds gave a welcome. The light moved all around the earth, going back and forth, from day to night. The twins witness this beautiful journey of their Solar System family, coming together in Unity. Mars rotated around the earth with love, Mercury rotated around the earth with gratitude, Jupiter rotated around the earth with compassion, Saturn rotated around the earth with kindness, Neptune rotated around the earth with positivity. The Milky Way rotated around the earth with humor, telling the twins “I’m the uncle Milky Way, from your parent’s side of the Eclipse.” “Milk sounds good right now, with Chocolate Chip cookies.” The Solar Eclipse Twins laughed, as they kept rotating the earth, all together with joy. The earth kept going from day to night. All of a sudden, A very bright light came upon the earth, so bright, that the light hurted the twins eyes. They covered their eyes, as they felt themselves falling far.. far… on to earth. Uranus, Pluto, and Venus guided them on this journey to their purpose. The Twins fell on a high mountain, their eyes still close. The night stood still, as the moon watched over all, with its light. The stars in the sky joined the moon in the nightly sky. They all held hands, making a circle in the nightly sky, making wishes for all the best to come. The twins fell a sleep on the highest mountain.’

‘Hours later, The Twins eyes opened slowly, wondering where are they. Looking around, noticing they’re on top of a mountain. They looked up, at the big sky above them, looking very shocked at the night and day combined. Part of the sky is day, with the sun and clouds. The other side is night, with the moon and stars. All the Planet Solar Eclipse came together in Unity. Mother Nature smiled on the twins. The twins held hands on top of the high mountain, staring together at all their planet Eclipse family. A bright light from the sky, came between the day and night, separating the day from night. That light was so… bright… that the twins closed their eyes as they both held hands tight. The twins kept moving farther and farther back from the cliff of the mountain, still closing their eyes from the bright light. They fell from the high mountain, into the water fall, at the bottom of the mountains. Right when the twins hit the deep pure water, as they fell deep into the water, they can see an angel under water with them. The angel guides them to this bright light, coming from a small circle under water. When the angel grabbed their hands, they automatically turn to human infant babies. They all swim to the light under water.’

“Maggie.. push.. Now breath.. Almost… I see the head,” The doctor said to proud parents, Maggie and Dave.  Maggie went into labor this evening. Dave rush to the hospital, by her side, holding her hand. Maggie gave birth to two beautiful twins. A healthy baby boy and girl. The twins eyes sparkle, as the doctor handed the beautiful twins over to Dave and Maggie. “Oh honey, they’re very beautiful,” Maggie said. Dave smiled, “Yes they’re very beautiful.” “Their eyes has that special light.” “I can see they’re going to change the world for the better in unity.” “That truly does bring us and the rest of the family together.” All of a sudden, a big knock at the door. “SURPRISED!!!!” loud voices shouted out. The room was filled with all of Maggie and Dave relatives, grand parents, their parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews. They all brought balloons and flowers. Each of them was filled with joy, welcoming the twins to the family. “Wait, What should we name the twins?” Dave ask. “Apollo and Luna, cause we are fans of the Planet Eclipse,” Maggie said. The room was filled with joy.

‘ The infant twins, Apollo and Luna laid next to each other in the nursery. They looked at each other and wink one eye, they then held hands. Dave stood outside the nursery, looking through the window glass at the twins, with a big smile. The babies, could see the big window outside the nursery, behind Dave, above his head. The sun from outside the window, filled the whole hospital with a bright light. An angel appeared in the sky, next to the sun. The Angel waved at the babies and blew a kiss with his hand. The babies giggle, as they both held hands, enjoying the unity and the connection from the light above, that brought them into the world.’


‘Happy Holidays WordPress Bloggers Family’


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‘Lets not forget the meaning of Christmas. Mary is blessed with a beautiful baby, name Jesus. Jesus came into this world to safe us. He is the light.’

Luke 1:34-35  “How can this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God.

‘Art By me- JonteTheArtist- ‘Heavenly Joy’- 16 by 20 Canvas- Acrylic Paint’


‘Angel Art Pieces I created on  8 by 10 Canvases- Acrylic Paints.’

‘I gave each coworker at my job an Angel Art piece. Just wanted to spread cheer and love.’ Wanted to share these Angel Art pieces with you also. Happy Holidays, have a joyful peaceful Merry Christmas.’








‘Moving Forward’


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‘The sound of the Light-Wind, blows… through the trees in motion. The quietness in peace gives a meaning. The storm left with Thunder-Rage. Hearts… shattered… into pieces like broken glass. The sunset rose that early morning from behind the mountains, going up into hope, moving on into it’s own, giving comfort to many, giving each soul attention.  The rabbits in the desert moved on and on into the distance, going further into their safety. The plants grow, blooming further towards the sky. They never looked back, their seed is the past but a blessing. Hearts healed from inspiration, love, hope, no matter how long the process took. The different seasons may not always bring joy but the many tears from the rain, we mourn from all the pain we dealt.  In a new-born baby heart, the clouds scattered open as the new soul rose into the light, the world welcome the bundle of joy. Everyday we walk through so many different seasons on earth. At the end of the day, it’s a blessing to still be standing. Life moves forward into a new beginning. Time passes each soul by. We continue to move forward. It’s important that we forgive, let go, open our hearts. Let the light come down, feeding the whole earth with beauty, love, inspiration. No matter what the earth may suffer, The pain it may feel at times, no matter what, The sun will always look down from different parts of the earth where everyone can see. From waking up everyday, looking out the window at the sunset, that brings inspiration. Hope is in the air, helping everyone to inspire. Coming together, no matter what bad things may happen in the world. The sun always comes up in the morning, moving forward. The birds always continue to fly higher around the sky. We keep standing tall and inspiring as the days keeps going forward.  We bring heaven every where we go on earth, along with compassion and generosity. No matter how much snakes come to steal and kill, We all continue to rebuke in the name of Jesus. We all continue to move forward, standing strong, making the world a better place. The winds blows across the nations, moving forward always. We all continue to also move forward into a new happy peaceful beginning.’

Liberte’ De’ Danse’- (Freedom Of Dance)


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“Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” His soft voice gently touches her heart as he gently held her hand, guiding her through the Jazzy club, to the ballroom floor.  She looks deeply into his eyes, Seeing the snow,  falling from the heavens, like the angels singing on a day of celebrating. Everyday is a celebration of life. “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes sir!” You may have this dance,” She said. They both stared into each other eyes, as they’re shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, hand to hand, Both of them went into a ‘deep… ’emotional…. ‘compassionate… connection, getting lost into their freedom.’

‘A small town little boy, ran across the village in Paris. He stares at the clouds in the sky. Loving the way each cloud compliment each other side by side, Their freedom of being free in the sky, over the world. From the little boy perspective, he wanted that same freedom, to dream and just dance in the middle of the village freely.  That day the little boy looked at the clouds that morning, and started to ballet dance in the middle of the street, then all of a sudden a loud voice says “WATCH OUT!!!” as a big explosion broke out in the town. The men from another town was at war. The little boy and his family, also other families escaped. They all headed west on a boat, leaving everything else behind. All they had was, themselves and each other. Their freedom was their escaped into a new chapter. The little boy mom held him in her arms saying, “Everything is going to be ok.” His eyes looked up at the clouds above the water with hope. “Mom I want to dance when I grow up,” the little boy said. His eyes closed shut, falling to sleep in his mom’s arms.’

‘The best was to come. The light at the end of the tunnel gave hope, that some one else also had the same dreams and aspirations to change the world through gods calling for their life. A little girl from Europe always enjoyed looking at the tall Eiffel Towers in Paris. “Mom.. if I climbed up these towers, would it take me to heaven in the clouds?” The little girl said. Her mom looked at her and smiled. The little girl walked with her mom on the town, checking out some shops. Before they could step into the shop, a loud cheering noise came from up the street at the dance theater. On a ballroom stage in the theater, a lady and a guy, danced so freely, doing ballet. The little girl ran to the theater and watched from outside, through the open doors. Her eyes opened wide. “I want to be a dancer when I get older,” She said to herself.’

‘Many years later, In high school, the little girl was now close to being a teen. Her mom got her into dance ballet classes. The teacher looked at the girl and said “You truly caught on so well, you are a very talented dancer.” “Now it’s time for you to meet a very talented gentleman that is going to be your dance partner.” “You both will be competing in the competition together.” The young man walked into the class. He looks out the window at the clouds and then smiles. He walks over to the young lady, they both stared deeply into each other eyes. “Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” He said. She looked at him and said “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes Sir!” You may have this dance.” “By the way sir, what is your name?” He looks at her and said “I’m Noah.”  “Madam what is your name?” She looks at him and said “I’m Ambella.” Noah had ‘White Daisies’ in his hand. “Ambella these are for you,” Noah said. Ambella had tears of joy. “Merci Beaucoup” ( Thank you very much), “No one ever did anything like this for me before,” Ambella said.  Noah started blushing. “Maybe after class, we can go walking all over Paris and eat lots of cheese and bread,” Noah said. “Oh can’t forget the grape juice, and.. oh.. the Eiffel Towers too,” Ambella said. They both started to giggle. “We can also look at the clouds together and dance in the street,” Noah said. Ambella got so lost in his eyes. “You do know that we have to ask our parents, I just hope my mom don’t get mad cause I have a boyfriend now,” Ambella said. An ark-ward silence came between them. “Oops I mean, I mean, like a friend but a friend that is a boy.” Noah started blushing. “Ok, I get it.” “I actually will love to be your boyfriend, I mean BOY-FRIEND!!” The whole class looked at Ambella and Noah. “This is so embarrassing,” Noah said. “Ok two love birds, enough chatter, lets see you both dance,” The ballet teacher said. “Ok everyone, get in your spots with your partners, and lets start the first number of the show, it’s all in your eyes.” Noah and Ambella stared at each other eyes, getting lost…

Heaven is real, way beyond the clouds, the two angels flew so freely into their own. Success came so big as they both always stayed connected to each other, through the freedom of dance. The light from above shines on them, as they both spread that light and inspiration to others. Changing the world for the better.’ Even as years passes, they became further apart but their hearts and love was always connected within.’

‘They both opened up their eyes, as their ballroom dance ended, there was a loud cheering sound as everyone clapped their hands in the Jazz club. “Wow.. what just happened?” He said. She looked at him in the eyes. “It’s like we both traveled back in time and got lost in the dance,” She said. “The art of dance, we actually got to know each other again through the freedom of dance,” He said. “Hold on, did you just say again?” You ask me for this dance, we just met,” Ambella said. They both looked at each other for a while. He start to blush. “WAIT!!!” They both said at the same time. “AMBELLA..!!!” NOAH IS THAT YOU?”  “I …I.. You go first.” “No you go first.” “Ambella I know that we lost in touch for awhile and after high school we both went our separated ways  but we both had successful dance careers.” “I never forgot about you Ambella, till this day, I still do think about you.” “Noah, I always knew through faith that you will step back into my life one day,.” “I knew that when you came back, that your first words will be “Bonjour, May I have this dance Madam.” “Ambella, I had to search and see what the world had to offer me but now I know that I don’t have to search anymore, cause you always been the one for me all along, right in front of me always.” “I never met to hurt you Ambella, I’m so sorry.” “Noah don’t be sorry, I always waited in faith.” “I prayed that god will guide you to me.” Noah grabbed Ambella hand, leading the way out the Jazz club, before sun down.

“I have a surprised for you, Noah said as he took a black scarf out his pocket and tied it around Ambella face, over her eyes. They both slowly walked up the streets of Paris together, Noah led the way. “Careful Ambella.” “Are we almost there?” Ambella said. “Yes Madam.” Noah and Ambella stopped at the surprised location. Noah took the blind fold off  of Ambella eyes. Ambella opened up her eyes, in front of her, stood the tall Eiffel Towers. Also a candle light table by it, with flowers, grape wine, cheese, bread, and A steak dinner. Noah smiled, looking up at the fully clouds and sunset. Ambella was so happy as tears came from her eyes. Noah picked up the flowers from the table, and said, ” These are for you.” Ambella looked at the ‘White Daisies’, ” Je vous remercie de tout coeur’ (I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “Yes someone has done this for me years ago, a boyfriend or BOY-FRIEND!” that always blushed,” Ambella said. I bet that boyfriend with the blushing cheeks never done this before,” Noah said as he got on one knee, he then took out a diamond ring out his pocket, holding Ambella hand. ” Je vous saurais gre’ de (Bien vouloir) ( I would be grateful if you could ( Be so kind as to),” Noah said with a nervous tone. “Darn I’m blushing again.” “Will you marry me Ambella?”  Ambella looked him in the eyes. “Noah, my blushing prince, yes I will marry you.” Noah got up off one knee and put the ring on her finger as they both kiss. A crowd been standing there all along. They started cheering and clapping. Noah and Ambella looked at the crowd as they smiled.  “So we have a lot to tell our folks now,” Ambella said. “Yep, I’m sure your mom is going to be very happy that her daughter is marrying her high school BOY- FRIEND!” “Or boyfriend with the blushing cheeks,” Noah said. “ha ha…” They both laughed. “I have one more surprised my Madam,” Noah said. Noah looked up at the clouds, Ambella then looked up at the clouds and at the sunset. “What do you see, when you stare into the clouds?” Ambella said. “I see freedom, just like when I dance with you.” “I feel so free, like we both flew around the world together.” “Everything disappears and it’s just you and me in the clouds up heaven.” Ambella smiles. “That’s what I see every time I look into your eyes Noah.”  A group of guys stood right next to the Eiffel Towers and started playing their Erard Harps. “SURPRISED..” Noah said. “Oh my, the music is so comforting and it just so pure, I love this,” Ambella said.  Ambella and Noah both stared into the clouds by the Eiffel Towers as they both slow dance together. The harp music filled their ears. Everyone in the area, watched them. Couples being inspired, “Wow.. baby this is so romantic,” One lady said to her husband. A little girl looked at her parents, and said “I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up. “A little boy that was with his family said, “Me to.” “Bonjour, Madam, May I have this dance?” The little girl looked at her parents, “Mom is it ok?” The parents said ” Yes.” “Bonjour’ ,Qui”, Yes Sir! You may have this dance.” The little girl and boy started slow dancing next to Noah and Ambella. Then other couples surrounded the Eiffel Towers as they all slowed dance. Ambella and Noah looked at the kids and all the couples dancing around them. ” look at the joy we spread, take it all in, we truly brought these amazing people together,” Noah said. “I know, it’s amazing how god works through us and many, through each calling, there’s that freedom, that path that takes us to that place and everyone else becomes free too,” Ambella  said. “Yes baby, that calling truly does change the world for the better.” “We no longer have to be slaves of all the bad things in the world.” “Things always get better always, no matter how many times the world goes through bad,” Noah said.  Noah and Ambella looked at the two kids slow dancing next to them. “That’s us, when we were young, always full of big dreams,” Ambella said. Noah start blushing. “Why are you blushing dear?” What is on your mind?” Ambella said. “Do you want kids soon?” Noah said. “I do but I want two girls only,” Ambella said. “Wait, why two girls?” Maybe a boy and a girl, they can become ballet dancers like us, you know like the family tree.” “We are the first ballet dancers in the family and so we can passed the torch on,” Noah said. “Wait, what about an artist or doctor or nurse?” Ambella said. “Well you first haven’t answered my question of why you just want two girls only, Mrs. Ambella Madam.”  “We’ll Noah, you act like we’re actually having a baby now, and plus it’s their choice of what career they want but mostly the importance is that they follow god calling for their life.” “That’s truly what I want to instill in them mostly.” Ambella and Noah looked at each other and started laughing. “We’re so immature.” “Well… welcome to marry life, this is how couples act but I’m going to enjoy every bit of it with you forever.” “I also can’t wait until we both are old together,” Ambella said. “Wait, two girls my Madam, you have to put a boy in there.” “Ok babe, maybe two boys and two girls.” Ambella and Noah kept going on and on, smiling at each other as they slow danced the evening away. All the couples and families, and kids danced by the Eiffel towers as the harps kept playing.  Noah and Ambella stared up at the clouds above the Eiffel Towers, slow dancing together in freedom. Connected hand to hand, as their eyes met deeply together, heavenly, eternity forever. ‘

‘Liberte’ De’ Danse’

‘We Can Fly’


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‘The birds flew with grace… and beauty… Mixing with society in such a big world, just like the beautiful Butter-flies flew out of their cocoon so freely into freedom. Coming together with nature, as their vulnerability open wide. Open arms welcomes love but the door then slammed so hard. Their wall is their protection, from being hurt, is their fear. They don’t want to be the victim. The spirit within them looks out of their own body, looking at them selves, making sure they loved others from a compassionate heart. They stared down at the world from above,  Human nature stared from below. Looking at the inspiration, they’re keeping hope alive, believing they can fly to. The distractions of the world wasn’t going to become a reality in the little girls mind, as she stared into the future of hope, the news and her surroundings became dark. The older woman in a country far away,  sitting on her patio, she can see through the little girls eyes and many others from previous generations, as she look at the light in the sky. She lived and learned, that hope, that there’s always a light at the end of that tunnel. One person spread the good news, others get inspired and continue to follow the movement of spreading the good news, passing it along to others. Doing gods will, making the world a better place. Confusion always fly around our nation, like the strong winds of a tornado but we have prayer, we have the love of god and Jesus to get us through the battles. All around every surrounding, there is inspiration.  The trees stood so tall with great posture, no matter how much abused they suffered, they always kept growing so tall, touching the sky. The animals search for that love and longing, just like every human search for that true happiness, that purpose, that calling, that destiny. We all hope, we all want, no matter how much money we have. Your spirituality, something higher than ourselves is way more important than material things. “I want to find my better self, that true happiness, that purpose” The son said to his mom. She looked within him as she starts to tear up from happiness. She then says ” Just water that seed within that god planted in you,” “That seed will then blossom and guide you on a path to your destiny.” “Seek the kingdom of God first and everything else shall come.” ‘You are going to also change the world for the better.” “You will fly.” All around the world, so many are praying, so many are inspiring others, passing on the love, shining their light. Far over the big hills, far into the distance, over the high mountains, Three angels flew all around the clouds singing a joyful Gospel tune. The sun shined so bright in the sky for all to see. One guy looked outside his living room window at the bright sun light in the sky. The beauty of his smile from within, he has hope and inspiration, saying, “I want to fly.”

‘Her Angel Wings’


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‘Her Angel Wings’

‘Far away over the mountains, the sky looked so magical. A bright peach color light, shining so… bright over the sea. Mermaids swim in a peaceful motion, humming a spiritual tune. The sound…. so…. refreshing …so.. relaxing….like the sound of angels humming a tune.’


‘The fog covered the mountains far away on that cloudy day. Very quiet…No sound…. As the babies laid to rest their souls, their spirits smile upon the town in peace. Each mom dress in all black, as their heart carry bitterness and guilt. Looking down at their baby graves cause more pain, thinking about how cancer took them away. Each woman blew a kiss to heaven at their bundle of joy that was no longer with them but in spirit.’

‘Each female wanted to escaped this small town, In their quiet world of minds thinking alike, they dominated. The aggression from man with dark roses, sent them in a distraction that pass on through generations. A Light shined from heaven that brought joy in their misery. Each woman had their babies in water, a spiritual birth. Each baby being lift from it’s mom womb from under water to breathing the world air, as the preacher prayed, baptizing each new-born. Each female tears roll down their faces, knowing her husband left her, as she gave birth to her bundle of joy. She created a world so far from reality, as she day dreamed into her own fantasy. All females only existed in this world. Mother Nature said “Welcome… Come my dears.” The mermaids poke their heads above the pure blue clear water, Swimming around the sea and above. They all went under the sea, seeing  all types of different color fishes brought in unity. The water felt so warm and comfortable, So…freeing…so..pure…’

‘One female back at the small town, day dreamed, as she thought about her miscarriage. Her mind brought her to her own world. In her dream she seen the beautiful heavens above. The beautiful baby angels held hands in a circle together around this bright light, one of those angels was her baby. Her baby waved at her, and she waved back. The adult angels welcome her into the gates of heaven, Jesus greeted her and held her in his arms. “Child you’re going to be fine, your bundle of joy is your guardian angel, we all are looking over you and everyone else in your town and around the world.””Go spread the word to all your fellow people, teach them real reality and how to accept what ever happen.” “You all come together and make a difference, I will work through you all to see the light at the end of the tunnel my love.” Jesus said. She woke up from her dream with tears of joy. She jumped out her bed and ran over to her next door neighbor house, knocking on the door hard but that next door neighbor was in a day dreamed in her own world.’

‘The mermaids develop wings, as the huge waves of the sea made a huge noise that shook the earth. The next door neighbor got scared as the mermaids in her mind screamed… “HELP….”HELP…. ” As they start to drowned in the sea from the huge waves. The mermaids escaped as their wings helped them fly far from the storm. The strong winds stopped as the light from above came through the cloudy dark sky.’

‘The next door neighbor kept staring at the wall in a deep day-dream, as tears went down her eyes, she realized someone was knocking on the door. She came back to reality and jumped out her chair and ran to the door. She opened it and both of the female neighbors hugged each other tight as they cried. One of the females said, “It’s going to be ok…” “The angels is watching over us all and our father in heaven is watching, The curse is broken now.”

‘A few years later, early that morning, The sun-rise was so bright over the small town. The mountains from a far away distance was so.. clear..  All the families came together. Each female let bitterness go and came close again with their husbands and children. White daisies bloomed all over the garden by each baby grave. Each female can see clearly as the blocked no longer kept them captive in their own imagination. Rose the mayor , brought all the people in the small town together to meet in the grave yard, to honor them for their voice and work in the town. Also to have a prayer service for all the babies that they lost over the years in the town. “The reason I wanted you all here today at this beautiful grave yard, is to honor our females for their work on helping to clean up this town.””We have many new schools for our children now in this town and a new college that just got built.””We also have many counseling places now for females that been abuse and that had miscarriages.””We are also working with cancer patients to.” “So many of our babies also died from cancer and so we also want to pray that our babies are resting in peace till this day.” “I want to share this story of a dream I had.” “I had a dream a few years ago.” “I went up to heaven, the angels greeted me as they open up the gates.” “My baby that I miscarried, was up heaven holding hands in a circle with the other angels around this huge beautiful light.” “Jesus hugged me so tight, I felt that fatherly love spirit on me.” “Till this day, I know my son has a father watching over him up there, just like we all have a father.” “My son is my guardian angel.” “Jesus wanted me to spread the word to many females out there, that lost a child or miscarried, Even those that been abuse.” “I knew he had a calling for my life and every life.” “Not all guys are bad at all, I see all the beautiful man sitting next to their beautiful wives today, that’s still going strong and that treats their spouses with love.” “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and from our experiences and passions, Jesus works through each of us to help the world to be a better place.” “We all can come together, man and woman, boy and girl, to make a difference in unity,” Rose said as everyone clapped. Rose looked proud as she said, “Thank you, I want to bring my next door neighbor, that is also a best friend, up here to speak.” “This is my good friend Pearl.”  Pearl stood in front of everyone. “Hi everyone, I know some of the females that’s sitting here today, lost a child, and that child grave is right here in this yard.” “I lost a child also and that child is buried here also.” “I was also a victim of abuse.” “My husband will come home drunk and call me names.” “I stared and stared at the wall in my own quiet place.” “I wanted to escaped into my own world, where there was just me and all the females, and our babies.” “My heart suffered but that cloudy day, as I heard the knocks at my door, I was so deep into my own world.” “The knocks was so loud that I got afraid, I couldn’t move, cause of my fears.” “The waves came upon me, so hard that I couldn’t safe myself but I knew I will develop wings.” “The mermaids kept yelling out, HELP…!” HELP…!” “but at the end of the tunnel, there was an angel name Rose and she is here beside me today.” “I finally had the strength to own my happiness from the father above.” “I got out my marriage safely, in a divorce.” “He said sorry and got help, we are now the best of friends.” “I’m now married to a wonderful man that treats me with love.” “I’m pregnant now with a another child.” “I know this child is a gift from Jesus.” “Everyone, let us bless on all these graves, lets pray over our children and honor our father in heaven for his greatness and love.” Everyone started praying as the angels in spirits flew all around the grave yard and the small town.  Pearl looked at Rose, “Thank you my sister for saving me and making this town better,” Pearl said.  Rose smiled at Pearl as they both left the crowd and started walking around the grave yard. “So Pearl, Do u still day dreamed in your own imaginary world?”  Pearl became silence for a while. “Well…. I do but I know it’s not true reality but it’s more true reality verses fake reality, it’s an art piece in my mind.” Rose looked at the sky and then at Pearl. “So did the mermaids ever get help?” Rose said. “Yes they did, we all did get help and I’m so happy, I know that those we lost, they’re looking down in peace, smiling on us all.” “They all are with their families up there.” “I can see clearly, the moms are flying around heavens and the children are holding hands around the light.” “Our father is smiling, our creator.” Pearl looked at Rose, they both smiled at each other. “I love you sister.” “I love you to sister.” “Thanks for inspiring me,” Pearl said. “Thanks for inspiring me and those we lost, others up and coming females are inspired to.” Rose smile and said, “You inspire me to.” “Lets continue to make a difference.” Pearl and Rose walked the grave yard, with a smile as the light shined bright from above and a peace came so clearly. The white daisies shined all over the grave yard. “We are now flying, up top of the world, from all we have overcome.”

‘The mermaids swim around the sea in a peaceful mind, as the water stayed pure and still. The different color fishes came together in unity with the mermaids. The heavens shined down on the lands, the angels held hands. The children played, laughing loud so freely…. One child looked at his mom with a smile, as she song a familiar song.’







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‘My memory became blurry on the journey, from an infant to my first steps as a child. The beautiful white clouds above, So far up…So free.. So sure…My shyness from a young age put a wall up, that world kept me safe but I was invisible to so many. The outside judged, I was misunderstood. Couldn’t stand my ground, couldn’t speak up, The words stayed so far in my soul as fear took over. I was loved but felt invisible. God knowledge and wisdom that was instilled in me, stayed with me always, building me up more and more. I remember in Virginia, looking out the window at the woods, full of tall trees. Always wonder, What is behind all those tall trees, where does it end? The older I got, I became more wiser. Started to know myself and became more confident. Everyone accepted me and respected me more but I still felt invisible. Many experiences in my life taught me so much. Many people I met taught me so much. I realized as I got older and went into the real world on my own, that I inspired so many from the godly light that’s within. Wisdom guided me through life and knowledge gave me understanding, making me wiser. My heart been broken many times, sometimes things never got settled but I always gotten back up stronger. I felt invisible, putting my wall up became my escape.  I’m older now, standing on this tall mountain, striving more and more, learning more and more.  I learn that I’m in this world for a purpose, to change the world for the better, inspiring and giving back. Still trying to move up on this spiritual journey. I still love cloudy raining days, looking out the  window at the rain drops, feeling so relaxed and free. I’m a man that’s no longer invisible but I will always have that shy little boy within me, that dreamed big in his own little world. Going into his escaped, he is invisible, I’m invisible.’

‘The Blood Of The Covenant’


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    ‘The Blood Of The Covenant’

The Storm came down hard…. against each will. The trees couldn’t bear fruit. Each leaf soaked in water, drowning its sorrows, letting out the pain of feeling lost. The Mountains never moved, they stayed still but goals of many could never be reached cause of no faith. Mother Nature cried out loud for her precious ones but her voice didn’t get the land attention. The seeds of red roses that were in the soil, had water but no light. The spirits of babies flew all around the land of hope but doors rejected them, wouldn’t open. So many in a small town didn’t know the young souls existed, they felt invisible. The parents never knew how special their babies was but only when they was born. As the babies gotten older, the parents never knew the dreams their kids had, their calling for this life. The kids try shouting out but still no one can hear their angelic voices. When the babies was born, The red roses on the acre wide land, bloomed. The bloom red roses gathered together in a circle, making a beautiful head crown to fit the babies head but the thorns kept them away. The mothers went on to the fields of crops to pick their veggies but  the red roses on the bushes was a distraction. They wasn’t sure who grew the red roses or where they came from but the happiness on their faces, shown how proud they was. As they try to pick the Red roses from the bushes, the thorns on the bushes cut their fingers. The mothers looked at their fingers with sadness and pain, as the red blood came down their fingers, the pure red blood gave a meaning and a memory of their bundle of joys, from when they gave birth to their children. One mom looked up at the cloudy sky and said “Is this a sign?” Her child ran out the house yelling, “MOM!!” Both looking at each other for a while, having a moment, as tears ran down their faces. The child looked at the blood running down his mom finger. At that moment the mom eyes opened as she can now see clearly through her child soul. She looked up at the sky, as the sun shined through the cloudy sky, through the clouds. The baby angels flew onto the land, flying with joy and freedom. The moms all came out their houses, as they all said, “GLORY….GLORY..” Looking at their children with more love. One child looked at their mom and said, “Mom, me and all the kids in this small town, planted the red roses in the garden, on this huge acre land, so it can give color and a meaning, joy and it’s the color of gods blood.” “We all are in him as one body, We all are one and deserve to have a voice to make a difference, just like God made a difference and gave up his son Jesus to die for our sins.” “Mom the mountains is so far away.” “I try to run and run, I think I’m closer to them the more I run to them but the mountains are so far away still.” ” I feel that this town is far from reality, we need help.” “Son, I see clearly, the more you run to the mountains, the closer you are to them.” “It may take to long to get over that hill to them but no matter how long it takes, you will get to the mountains.” “So if you take the steps to getting to that calling of your life, that purpose, yes it may take work but it does pay off at the end, you will get there my son and I will be there to help you and support you.” “It’s so sad how many people and their children that died centuries ago, from all the pain that came to this town.” “I’m so sorry that I never pay attention to you all along son.” All the kids hugged their mom, looking up at the sunny sky. Their prayers came together to the heavens as the baby angels looked down with a smile. The town became more better, the kids dreamed big. All the wars stopped, no more killings, no more bombings, the town cleaned up nicely. Newer houses was built, more schools, Grocery stores, more fun activities, more churches was built. The town became loved and happy. The babies grew to have a nice child hood and are so loved. Now each baby spirit and the families that was lost centuries ago in the war can now rest in peace, knowing that this town is at peace. The red roses filled the huge acre land, as different colors joined them, the white and yellow daisies, pink and purple roses. They all bloomed with freedom, as the thorns left them. Years later, One child of the town was now grown in college. He remember years back when he looked at his mom face that stormy day, when he ran outside calling his mom, seeing red blood on her finger from the Red rose thorn-bush. He arrives at his mom house to surprised her from college. He went into the house, seeing his mom in the back yard, In the big acre field picking veggies. The red rose-bush is still there after all these years, looking healthy, much fuller and taller, and the red roses are fuller and bloomed.  He ran out the house, “MOM!!” She turns around, looking at her now grown tall son, as memories came to her from when he was a baby and how happy she was to bring him in this world. She still feel happy always and see  through his beautiful soul.  She looked at her healed finger, then  turn to look at the red rose-bush. Her son  went over to the red rose-bush, to pick off a rose for her. “Be careful son of the thorns.” He picked a red rose as he looked shock, very shocking to know that the thorns wasn’t there anymore. “Mom, no thorns are on the rose bushes anymore. They both looked shock. “Mom this is for u.” he gives his mom a red rose. They both looked at each other having a moment, as they both teared up. “Wow how big you gotten, you are all grown up son, I missed you so much.” He looked at her and said,”I miss you to mom.” As they both walked back to the house from their long acre grassy field and garden, they talked and talked. “Hows college son?” “It’s great mom.” “You met any girls?’ “MOM..!!!” “Mom I miss your cooking.” “More than you miss me?” “Ha ha just joking son.” “I got pie in the oven, chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans.” “Wow mom, my favorite.” “Oh mom and you now finally got your red rose.”  As their back is now turned, walking into the house talking. The moms and babies spirits surrounded the red rose-bush, flying around in a circle holding hands, smiling. The red rose crown fitted all the babies spirits head from that town, making the town ritual complete. The baby spirits flew around with the red rose crown around their heads smiling. Everyone is now at peace, they all flew, into the light in the sky above this town, smiling from above.’

The Gates Of Hearts


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            ‘The Gate Of Hearts’

‘The wind blew so hard…. that lonely night. My heart was beginning to open the gates, letting your words of hope, love in. The thunderstorm crashed the winds very HARD… with FORCE… The rain drops came down over the gates in my heart. The emotions took over my flesh, the tears roll down slowly as I broke down. The gates closed very… very.. slowly… Wondering if I’m going crazy, Is this real? The gates are now totally closed. The gates are now totally locked. My heart is still broken from the pain that’s left from the scar that bruised very hard. Hope left, trust left, My eyes became blind at that moment, all I can see in my surroundings is hurt. I became my worst enemy, then I ran away into my own world of disappearing. Praying hard to lift me up with strength, getting me back into the spirit.’ 

‘A white beautiful flash opened my eyes, surrounded the gates of my heart. I can see hope, I can see the brightness in the future, so… beautiful. The sun rose that morning, a new beginning. God had it all planned out way before we were ever created. A positive solution came, to follow the path, the right way. Don’t put the less important first, focus on the more importance first and all shall come. Through all that, love will always be. Broken hearts flows all over the world but they will always get healed, Some take time. Some hide behind the gates for years and months, cause of the pain that was caused and from built up bitterness. We become wiser and better from the many broken hearts. Many hearts wants to open those gates again, that bright light will always be there in each and everyone, but it’s up to all to shine that gift and how each shines it. Don’t let anything get in the way. The thunderstorm has cleared. I see the gates so clearly.. So clearly… two angels sitting there with smiles, watching over all in each heart, surrounding each and every soul, no matter how many hearts been broken. The Gates will always be open, for the broken hearts to get heal and be free….Let it flow, follow the light, be free, the pain that was caused is now dust, behind. Look forward, the gates are open always, if you let it. Keep hope always, no matter how many times your heart gets broken. We are now free from the pain. Peace always comes around.’

‘Living In These Times’


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‘Living In These Times’

‘The trees blew freely that quiet evening. The sun faded behind as another day is completed, getting ready for sun down. Feeling like something is missing. The day passes without any explanation. Our free will is a blessing, our purpose is there but some leave it in the shadows. Sometimes there’s wishes where so many want what they want right away but doesn’t realized that life doesn’t work that way. Society is blinded by what life is really supposed to be about, as they use their own understanding of why they’re here. The movement passes on, going the wrong direction. Material things becomes the main focus. So many are even blinded by what true beauty is. So many kingdoms in the world gives a bad meaning to so many, so those bad teachings spread all around, making the world crumble and crumble. The false prophesies control so many, tricking so many, making society confused as they fall hard into their traps. So many emotions everyday, all types of different emotions, we all felt and still is feeling. There’s joy in certain parts of the world, at the same time, in other parts, there’s hurt, pain, tragic, sadness. The beautiful white birds flew all around the sky, above the mountains, giving hope. Many witnesses seen such beautiful moments. One guy stood on a mountain top, very inspired by the beauty that surrounded him. “Lets make a difference,” he said to him self. “Lets get rid of the false info and all the bad things that the enemy put in so many minds, and lets spread god word to many.” Across the other side of the globe, a bus driver looks at the guy on the bus, preaching the good news. The bus driver told him, “Young man, Patients is the key and hope.” “It’s a tough world out there but there’s hope.” “When you pray, it’s already given to you, it’s gods timing.” “You have a purpose.” The young man felt a peace as he started out his day, inspired by those words, he inspiring others. In India, A lady became a surrogate mom, giving birth ten times, bringing joy to ten families. Each family have a bundle of joy. Her prayers every night that all ten babies grow up to be a disciple for god, changing the world. Her compassion in her heart blossom fully, having hope, enjoying giving back to many families. In Africa so many kids needed food and shelter. A church from the United states, gave them all food and shelter. Many people around the world is in the hospital dying from cancer, some are heal but some lost the battle. Our prayers to everyone that we lost, that they all rest in peace. A preacher is praying hard, with faith is in his heart, everyone in the church also prayed. Many voices are lifted to the sky, miracles then spread all across the world, cause of the power of prayer. In Washington DC, The red white and blue strips on the flag, stood tall and strong. Everyone honored all our brave soldiers for fighting for our country. Their compassion inspired so many around the world. In Saint Louis a church gave white daisies to each mom, honoring them for Mothers Day. Each mom smiled and their smiles and joy inspired many around them. Back in Mississippi, a little boy sat on the porch with his grand dad, as they both stared at the sunrise over the mountains. “Grand dad, it’s a big world out there, it’s spreads out very far on each side.” Grand dad looked at him in the eyes and said. “Yes it is, but at the same time, It’s a beautiful world out there and also not such a great world out there.” “We all have free will, God wants us to go on the right path but it’s up to us all, to follow that purpose for our life.” “Some chooses the bad path.” “Son don’t live in fear, always keep hope and faith, keep your head up, follow god purpose for your life.” “It’s not your understanding, it’s god understanding.” “It’s ok to have dreams and goals but just remember it’s not all about that, but through all that, it’s more about giving back to the world, being a disciple for god.” “When you go to college, going for that career, getting your self prepared on that path, on the way to your dream, give back along the way, focus on the people.” “You are going to have challenges along way son, but always remember to keep god first, seek the kingdom of God first and everything else shall come.” The son looked at the sunrise as he listened to grand dad. “Grand dad, why do bad things happen?” Grand dad stared out into the distance at the fully blown sunrise. “Well son, there’s certain things that happen for a reason, that only god know why.” “Plus god said that this world isn’t going to be perfect, we are in a battle with the darkness, the light versus the darkness.” “People choose which way they want to go.” “Heaven is a perfect place, there is life after this one.” “Don’t let the bad things of this world discourage you, keep your relationship with god, keep hope and faith.” “Pray always, give thanks to god everyday.” “Pray that god cleansed you, that he continue to guide you and make you get better and better as a human being.” “Pray for everyone.” “Ask for forgiveness everyday, be grateful for all your blessings.” “Always pray that God guides you to that purpose, leading you to change the world for the better.” “We all should pray those prayers everyday, I do son.” Grand dad and his son looked at each other. “I love you grand dad, thanks for the great words of wisdom and knowledge, I’m going to add this to my life.” “God worked through you and us all, now I can inspire others, just like god inspired you and me.” Grand dad looked at him and said, “I love you to, son you’re on the right track.” “We are living in these times now. “For centuries, history repeated it self, we are still living in those times, yes sir, yes…” Grand dad hugged him, as they both looked at the Sunrise. The sky glittered with hope and love. Yes there’s going to be some stormy days but somewhere in these times, there’s joy and peace some where around the world. Those who are living in bad times now, things will get better, they will have peace soon also and joy. We all are in these times together. God is with us all, in these times always.’